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About Us

GO & GO Travels and Tours Co., Ltd is a Myanmar owned travel company.It is one of the efficient and travel and tour service provider in Myanmar. GO and GO Travel and Tour, formed about ten years ago, has made a mark in the travel and tourism industry in the Myanmar with an undisputed reputation of high-end service, customer satisfactory travel and tour to Myanmar.  


Come to Myanmar! At GO & GO Travels, we not only offer you the sights and sounds of our beautiful land but also we introduce you to the smiling faces and open hearted of our people. As well as  inbound and outbound tours company. The executive directors and staff members of GO & GO Travels are well experienced and they can manage and tackle the tour programs of customer’s choice.


GO & GO Travels is a registered as a travel and tour operating in the Myanmar and a travel agent for all leading tourist attraction sites, hotels in the Myanmar.GO & GO Travels and Tours offers a wide range of quality travel solutions to the worldwide travel industry. We create innovative and cost-effective travel programs focusing on the specific needs of each FIT, group and incentive event. Recognized for our experience in designing & tailoring Myanmar Tour Programs, we provide custom travel solution to fit & satisfy all requirements of traveler locally and globally.


GO & GO Travels and Tours highlights includes comprehensive shore excursions for international cruise ; travel arrangements for special business groups; and special interested itineraries including  trekking and white water rafting expeditions, World War II Veterans Pilgrimage, and snorkeling and diving adventures in the Mergui Archipelago. We have a well motivated and experienced staff, all trained to handle inbound and out bound tours with a clear understanding to the exactly demands of the modern traveler nowadays. Our particular inbound services include : hotel reservation, ground transfer, air, boat, rail, bus and coach tours, and incentive/convention as well as  business meeting tour package.


Finally GO & GO Travels and Tours Co.,Ltd is most reliable and efficient for the customers who like traveling smoothly in every aspect.