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Natalie brightly replies, "I know. The fellow banshee tells her she has to wake up to save her friends who are in danger and promises to teach her how to use her voice as a weapon. Kira, harnessing the skinwalkers' power opens an underworld chasm beneath Theo. Mason asks Parrish if his hellhound intuition is telling him that something may be off with the supernatural. The Void Kitsune haunts Stiles referring to himself (along with Stiles) as "we". To his total relief and delight, in the end, they succeed in safely stabilizing her. Corey then felt a sudden sting on his arm, and saw Lucas' eyes turn completely black, to his horror. In "Condition Terminal", during Tracy's attack on the station, the Doctors appear, coming for Donovan, and abduct him. Araya recites the Hunter's Code and plays on Argent's grief over Victoria and Allison's deaths family to have him change his ways and return to being a hunter. She calculates the cost of the budget to learn how long before she and Scott could lose their house. They find an informant bribing him for information. In "Strange Frequencies", she investigates a missing teenager named Josh Diaz while working a double shift at the Sheriff's station. In "Illuminated ", he reminds everyone that there id a curfew using a bullhorn. He sees that Malia is also interned there. Argent remembers Satomi from a meeting in the past, he asks her what her mantra means to her. Peter goads Scott he'll have to kill him if he wants to beat him. Despite her previous opinion of her lover being a "bad guy", Lydia grieves him from fighting the Oni as a "good guy". Just when he declares Deaton be moved to level 6, Lydia comes in to collect Deaton. He was also a stalker, relentlessly pursuing Allison by taking photos of her and photo shopping himself into these pictures depicting they were in a relationship. Melissa is later held in the Nemeton along with Stiles' and, later, Allison's father for the final sacrifice, Guardians. Parrish responds that he transferred to Beacon Hills because he felt drawn there, thinking he needed a change of space. Stilinski and Stiles are having money problems, trying to pay for the MRI and the "visit" to Eichen House which are both long overdue.

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His memory is gradually erased from those who knew him until Lydia Martin is the only one who still remembers him. In "Letharia Vulpina", Finstock walks into one of the Nogitsune's traps when he steps over a trip wire and is shot with an arrow. In the beginning of Season 2, do my homework for me app Lydia recovers, but suffers from a hallucination while in the shower and goes into a fugue state running through the woods naked for two days. Silverfinger concludes with a warning that if they have a Nogitsune amongst them, they should let the Oni destroy it. In "Dreamcatcher", he examines new supernatural Tracy Stewart after her killing spree and keeps her sealed within a mountain ash barrier. Jennifer was highly intelligent, specializing in literature and mythology, as expected of a druid Emissary. Both Malia and Scott didn't know Peter was taken by the Ghost Riders 3 months prior. His father Elias was an army engineer and used the nickname Stiles. In "Anchors", Scott and Stiles come to Deaton concerning their and Allison's symptoms as a result of the Druid sacrifice. Jennifer is revealed to be the Darach, the dark druid responsible for the mass sacrifices in Beacon Hills, tries to kill Lydia and kidnaps Stilinski. Before she leaves, Noshiko lets Liam know that he's responsible for whatever happens. Theo tells him that he instead has something else now: power. While dealing with the threat of new Hunters emerging and killing supernatural creatures without mercy, Malia is surprised but secretly pleased when Scott deliriously indicates his feelings for her in "After Images", as it is revealed that she has developed feelings for him in return. When Liam comes through the rift, she kisses him in relief before they continue their search. Peter shows Scott how to utilize an Alpha's power to meld minds so that he and Lydia can enter Stiles' mind to find Stiles and guide him back. Enraged the army medics were going to get away with mass murder, as well as distraught with Rhys' death. In "Required Reading", she tracks down a prank 911 call from the school library after Stiles made the call and doesn't respond. Meredith is shaking in fear saying things have changed, though she telling Lydia she wanted to help. Her grandfather, Gerard, decides that it is time Allison be trained to be an official hunter, which in her case means being groomed to eventually succeed her mother as the family's leader. It went on for two days before the Celtic tribes retreated. At Garrett's request, he opens up the rift. Garret cautions her against going after him as Scott was left standing after the Alpha Pack went after him.

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In "Apotheosis", after his first attempt to take the Beast goes wrong, Theo then kills Tracy to steal her power, siphoning her Kanima capabilities. They agree to attempt to help her gain control. In "Apotheosis", Kira (now has her Fox Spirit under control) returns to Beacon Hills just in time to stop a vengeful Theo from killing everyone. She is amused by Malia's attempt at heroism and identifies Stiles as someone Malia really cares about and slips away. However, a full wolf (Theo) chases him and Mason, forcing Liam to fully expose himself to his best friend, but the latter is instead completely beside himself with awe. Malia absorbs Corrine's remaining power instead. In Season 3A, Argent and Allison have retired from hunting to stay out of supernatural affairs. Marin lets Stiles know if the burns disappear completely, the Nogitsune returns and Scott and Deaton haven't found a cure by then, she will kill him by lethal injection to do what she does: "maintain the balance". After Peter leaves, Lydia talks with Meredith afterward, showing her compassion for "someone who'd put their name on a hit list." Meredith justifies Peter's 'plan' in that the supernatural are monsters, even the banshees. They find the boy in a holding cell. Lydia believes her best friend is still with them. Ultimately, he didn't, waiting for paramedics to arrive instead. Allison Argent is Scott McCall's first love, a member of the Argent family, a long line of werewolf hunters, being a direct identical descendent of Marie-Jeanne Valet and a member of Scott's Pack. Corinne moves in to make the killing blow, but Deaton gets free of his gag and yells out to the assassin that she can't get her lost power back from Malia except whilst on a full moon, otherwise she gets nothing, stalling her. Scott was looking for a cure of being a werewolf and Stiles said Fenris was the closest thing they had to an expert. After killing Tracy and Josh, taking their power, he gains the abilities of electricity manipulation and to produce Kanima venom.

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At age 9, Malia was presumed dead for eight years from a car accident that claimed the lives of her mother and her younger sister. Sebastien's werewolf ability is the most powerful seen so far, surpassing even Peter's Alpha capabilities, Deucalion's as the Alpha Pack leader and those of Parrish, a hellhound: his strength, speed, durability and healing all extremely heightened, and completely indestructible due to being a sociopath relishing in his carnage. Within their telepathic communication, Meredith instructs Lydia to use her hands to guide her voice, to push it towards the target. In "Raving", Argent confronts Allison over her knowledge of the murders committed by the Kanima explaining to her that because they know of the supernatural, it is the hunters' job to protect the human norms from them. He looks back just as Tracy kills Mr. Many tribes tried to resist the Romans. Sheriff Stilinski comes up to Donovan, reminding him the next time he ran afoul of the law would be jail time. The Romans spoke a form of Latin known as vulgar Latin. Upon being found by Derek and Scott, both of them lost all control and escaped into the woods to kill whomever they came across. Realizing that Scott's dishonesty was to protect her, Allison kisses Scott and tells him she loves him. Corey is taken to the hospital where Melissa uses the 9 herbs to heal his injuries.


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12 D / 11 N ( France –Switzerland – Italy )

( ျပင္သစ္နိဳင္ငံသို့ ေရာက္ရိွသည့္ေန ့ ) ရန္ကုန္ျမိဳ့ မွ ထိုင္းအဲေဝး ေလေႀကာင္းျဖင့္ ( ဝ၉း၅ဝ ) တြင္ ထြက္ခြာ ပါမည္။ ထိုင္းနိဳင္ငံ ၊ သုဝဏၰဘံုမိ ေလဆိပ္သို ့(၁၁း၄၅) တြင္ေရာက္ပါမည္။

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Australia ( 06 Days / 05 Nights ) Trip
( ပထမေန ့ )    း ရန္ကုန္ – ဘန္ေကာက္ – ဆစ္ဒနီ

Australia ( 08 Days / 07 nights ) Trip
( ပထမေန ့ )    း ရန္ကုန္ – ဘန္ေကာက္ - မဲလ္ဘုန္း

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Bangkok Tour Trip

ရန္ကုန္-–ပတၲယား - ဘန္ေကာက္ -အယုဒၶယ( ၆ ရက္ / ၅ ည )ရန္ကုန္ - ဘန္ေကာက္ - ပတ္တရား


ရန္ကုန္ျမိဳ ့မွ ထိုင္းနိဳင္ငံ၊ ဘန္ေကာက္ျမိဳ ့သို ့ နံနက္ပိုင္းေလယာဥ္ျဖင့္ထြက္ခြါပါမည္။

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Buddha Gaya

ဘုရားရွင္ကိုယ္စား အေလးအျမတ္ထားရာ ဗုဒၶဂါယာေဒသသို႕ ဗုဒၶဂါယာဘုရားဖူးခရီးစဥ္


4 Star Hotel ၏ ၂ ေယာက္အိပ္ခန္းမ်ားတြင္ တည္းခိုျပီး၊ လည္ပတ္မည့္ အဆင့္ျမင့္ ဘုရားဖူးခ၇ီးစဥ္

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Special Tour Program





One Day Tour Program

Yangon Day Tour

One of the best places to visit in Asia is Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Nature lovers will appreciate the city’s stunning lakes, shady parks and verdant tropical trees. These are the reasons why it is dubbed ‘The Garden City of the East’. This city is a melting pot—a diversity of cultures and communities in terms of people, settlement and religions. 


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Yangon–Bagan–Pakokku–Kanpalet–Mt Victoria( Nat ma taung )Base-Mandalay–Ava–Amarapura-Mandalay-Inle Lake–Indein-Yangon

Day 1. Yangon – Arrival  day ( D )
On arrival at Yangon International Airport, you are welcomed by our tour guide and transferred to your hotel. After refreshment, you embark on a city tour including:

  1. Downtown Yangon’s Sule Pagoda, City Hall, Independence monument and old colonial buildings.
  2. Chauk-htat-kyi Phaya; a huge life-like reclining Buddha statue surrounded by Buddhist monasteries.
  3. A visit to the magnificent and world famous Shwedagon Pagoda, known for its religious significance and artistic beauty. The massive bell-shaped stupa is plated with gold and the tip of the stupa is set with diamonds and rubies, sapphires and topaz - a stunning sight as the sun sets and an unforgettable place to begin your trip in the "Golden Land". Then welcome dinner and overnight at the Hotel in Yangon. Accommodation: Central Hotel ( Or ) Similar


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Australia Join Group Tour 2017

Day (1): ဆစ္ဒနီျမိဳ သို ့ေရာက္ရွိသည့္ေန့ ႀသစေၾတးလ်နိဳင္ငံ စံေတာ္ခ်ိန္ ( ၁၁ း ၂၅ ) နာရီခန္ ့တြင္၊ ႀသစေၾတးလ်နိဳင္ငံ ဆစ္ဒနီျမိဳ့ သို ့ေရာက္ ရွိပါမည္။ ေလဆိပ္တြင္ ထြက္ခြါခြင့္လုပ္ျပီးေနာက္၊ ေလဆိပ္ရွိ ဧည့္ႀကိဳခန္းမတြင္ ဧည့္လမ္းညႊန္မွ ႀကိဳဆို လာေရာက္ႏႈတ္ဆက္ျပီး၊ တဆက္တည္း၊ တည္းခိုမည့္ဟိုတယ္သို ့ပို ့ေဆာင္ Check in လုပ္ေပးပါမည္။ ျပီးေနာက္ လြတ္လပ္စြာ အနားယူနိဳင္ပါသည္။



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8 Ds7Ns London-Scotland-Ireland-London ( ၈ ရက္/၇ ည လန္ဒန္-စေကာ့တလန္-အိုင္ယာလန္-လန္ဒန္)

Day(1):Yangon-London-Departure Day to London

ရန္ကုန္အျပည္ျပည္ဆိုင္ရာေလဆိပ္မွ(၀၉း၅၀)အခ်ိန္တြင္ ထိုင္းအဲေ၀းေလယာဥ္ျဖင့္ထြက္ခြာပါမည္။ ထိုင္းႏိုင္ငံသု၀ဏၰဘုံမိေလဆိပ္သို႔ ထိုင္းနိဳင္ငံစံေတာ္ခ်ိန္ ေန႕လည္(၁၁း၄၅)တြင္ ေရာက္ပါမည္။ ၄င္းေလဆိပ္မွ (၁၂း၅၀) အခ်ိန္တြင္ျပန္လည္ထြက္ခြာပါမည္။ လန္ဒန္ျမိဳ႕သို႕ အဂၤလန္စံေတာ္ခ်ိန္ ညေန(၁၈း၅၅)တြင္ေရာက္ပါမည္။ ေလဆိပ္တြင္ ဧည္႕လမ္းညႊန္မွ လာေရာက္ၾကိဳဆိုႏႈတ္ဆက္ၿပီး ဟိုတယ္သို႕ပို႕ ေဆာင္ check-in လုပ္ ေပးပါမည္။ လန္ဒန္ၿမိဳ႕တြင္ ညအိပ္ပါမည္။ Hotel : Holiday Inn Hotel London Wembley (Or) Similar



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