Kachin State

Far to the north is Kachin State, where the great Ayeyawaddy River rises. The nearest and biggest community to the confluence is the sprawling town of Myitkyina, the state capital. Further field are villages inhabited by sub-groups of the Kachin (Jingpaw) national races. In Myitkyina central market you will find a vast array of their thick cotton fabrics with designs woven in red wool, or shoulder bags decorated with silver Kachin motifs.

The Confluence
The Malikha and Maikha rivers come together to form the mighty Ayeyawaddy at the confluence, called Myit Son, about 27 miles (43km) north of Myitkyina. This is one of the most beautiful place in Myanmar with crystal-clear water rushing over river stones. If feasible, for at times travel is restricted along the river, try getting to Myitkyina by boat. Alternatively, try taking a fast river ferry from Myitkyina to Bhamo, passing virgin jungles on the banks and the narrow, dangerous and beautiful First Defile.


The jade mines at Hpakant can be visited by booking with the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism although the town is sometimes closed to foreigners. You might get a chance to stand on the biggest imperial jade boulder in the world, down a 40ft (12m) shaft with safety ladders. It lies like a cold dragon, 70ft (21m) long and 35ft (10.6m) in circumference.


Bhamo is smaller than Myitkyina, but set prettily amid rolling hills, Colourfully dressed members of the Lisu, Rawan, Kachin, Shan and Palaung national races shop in the town. Some street bazaars open at 4am, with flickering candles dimly showing fruit, flowers and vegetables. It is possible to take a double-decker river boat from Bhamo to Mandalay. It’s an enjoyable trip, which passes through the scenic Second Defile.


This lonely, pleasant little town is the northernmost in Myanmar, with a pretty stream near it. beyond are ice-capped mountain ranges and rushing, white water rivers and in summer, valleys carpeted with wild flowers. This is a stop-off for mountaineers who want to attempt the easternmost peaks of the Himalayas.


Program 1)  : Yangon – Mandalay – Myintkyina – Bhamo  ( 7 days / 6 Nights )

Program 2)  : Yangon  - Putao – Mandalay – Lahsio – Yangon ( 7 Days / 6 Nights )