Magway Division

Pakokku is a prosperous trading town in central Myanmar. Symbols of prosperity in the conservative towns far from cities like Yangon or Mandalay are not the big cars or big houses but big monasteries and pagodas. The Thiho Shin pagoda not far from the river is an old, but does not show its age as it has been well maintained over the ages. There are also some beautiful monasteries built from teak in Pakokku.


The Salay Yoke SoneKyaung is an all-teak monastery sumptuous with carvings featuring traditional motifs, scenes from the Jataka stories and those of ordinary people going about their lives. The figures are varying postures, some staid and some showing the with mischief of the carvers.


ShinpinSargyoHla Pagoda
Sale is famous for its monastery made entirely of carved wood, the Yoke SoneKyaung. Not too far from it if the ShinpinSargyoHla Pagoda, which apparently marks the place where courtiers waited to welcome King Anawrahta as he returned from Thaton with the complete set of the Tripitaka (the Buddhist canon), in Myanmar Era 419 (1057CE). On the grounds east of the pagoda are a few temples with wonderful old murals that are unique because they feature the styles of three different eras: Bagan (11th to 13th centuries), Pinya/Inwa (14th to 16th centuries) and the late 19th to early 20th century colonial period. The Bagan era paintings at ShinpinSargyo are exact copies of those found in some of the older temples of Bagan, proving that the ShinpinSargyo complex was built during that time.


Program 1) : Yangon – Bagan – Salay ( 5 Days / 4 Nights )

Program 2) : Yangon – Bagan – Pakokku – Mindus – Nat Ma Taung ( 10 Days / 9 Nights )